Impact your community and your bottom line.

CivChoice is an innovative online giving platform designed to bring a new kind of workplace giving to you and your employees. We offer simplicity, convenience, and choice at no cost to you.

What can CivChoice do for your business?

What can CivChoice do for your business?

Strengthen your community impact and provides an employee benefit at no cost to you.

Provide your employees with a simple way to set aside funds for the causes they care about.

Eliminate the hassle and expense of running a traditional workplace giving campaign.

Make it simple for you to match employee donations by amount or by percent and deduct match amounts from your corporate taxes.

Give your business a percentage return that can be donated to the nonprofit of your choice.

The Importance of a Philanthropic Program for your Business

Give them choices: donating on their own schedule, in whatever amount they want, to any 501(c)(3) organization they choose.

Provide a consolidated statement of donations for tax purposes, whether they donate to one or multiple nonprofits in a given year.

Increase the impact of their giving by making it easy for your company to match their donations.

Help them budget their charitable giving for both ongoing and immediate needs in your community.

The Importance of a Philanthropic Program for your Business

What can CivChoice do for your employees?

It’s good for your business. Your business prospers with the positive reputation a good relationship with your community brings.

It’s good for the community. Your employees and customers reside in the communities that benefit from your philanthropy. A high quality of life makes for a healthy business environment.

Your customers want this. Your commitment to community will be noticed and appreciated, helping you develop stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your customers.

Leadership matters. Your company can take a leadership role in philanthropy in your community.

Your employees expect this. Younger generations expect philanthropy as a way inspired and fulfilled through their work with your company. CivChoice is the perfect engagement tool for the millennial generation.

You’ve worked hard to build and sustain your brand, and Civchoice can help strengthen your brand identity helping you promote your philanthropy and volunteerism and their impact on your company’s values and corporate social responsibility.

How to get started

Consider your corporate vision and goals. Your philanthropy will be a natural extension of those.

Align your giving with your corporate vision and goals. What are the broad charitable categories that best fit with your corporate identity? What about your customer base? How does your selection strengthen your corporate brand?

Next, engage your employees. Use CivChoice to start a workplace giving program. Start a matching program. Let your employees volunteer.

Set goals. What do you wish to achieve? CivChoice can help you measure and report your good work.

Taking your program to the next level

Promote your good deeds. Your customers and employees want to know you are a good corporate citizen, as do your shareholders. Our system tracks your company’s impact by tracking the amount of donations made by your employees and the number of nonprofits to which they have donated.

Share why you offer workplace giving. Let your customers and your community know why CivChoice is valuable to your and your employees. CivChoice uses technology to provide high impact from your giving at a fraction of the cost of the old way of running workplace campaigns.

No business or contribution is too small to make an impact on our local community.
Contact us at 859-472-4248 to start your involvement or to survey your employees about charitable involvement and their interest in workplace giving.


"CivChoice has provided us with a new stream of funding by bringing a simple workplace giving program to small and medium-sized businesses that haven’t had the opportunity to participate in traditional programs. For the first time, workplace giving provides unlimited choices and allows participants to control their contributions and give locally and at a grassroots level." – Jennifer Bricking, Executive Director, Susan G. Komen Lexington Affiliate

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