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CivChoice connects you to your donors so they can manage their charitable giving with ease.

<strong>What we offer</strong>
<strong>What we offer</strong>
<strong>What we offer</strong>

What we offer

Help your corporate supporters mobilize their workforce with CivChoice. Employees enrolled in the CivChoice Workplace Giving Program contribute to their accounts through convenient payroll deductions. Many employers match a portion of their employees’ donations, increasing employee impact on the causes that they care about most.

Add a CivChoice “Donate Now” button to your website and emails.

Share information about donations and keep your friends updated on the progress of fundraising drives. Build a community of supporters through a single donor's promotion of your cause.

Our donors' donations to nonprofits on CivChoice are tracked automatically. At tax time, users can access a single report that details their giving on CivChoice. This makes itemizing deductions simple for donors and their tax preparers.

We provide you with contact information for donors unless the donor requests to remain anonymous. We make it easy for you to continue your relationship with donors.

CivChoice offers personalizable CivCards in any amount. When your recipient claims the civs, they can give it to any nonprofit listed on CivChoice. If a recipient doesn’t claim the civs, the donation will default to the nonprofit of your choice.

Our donors give to any IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the US. The more information you add to your nonprofits account, the more visible you become in the search results. We give you the tools to stand out and get noticed.

CivChoice offers a key benefit that other online fundraising platforms don’t: workplace giving. Most online fundraising platforms are targeted completely to individual donors, but CivChoice makes it easy for businesses to provide workplace giving to employees via payroll deduction.

Feel free to continue to use your present online fundraising resources and simply add CivChoice to your fundraising toolkit for our innovative workplace giving platform, or choose CivChoice for all of your online fundraising needs.

When you work with corporate partners, you’re often only connecting with the company owners or executives. Introducing workplace giving through CivChoice to a corporate partner provides you with an opportunity to engage directly with the employees as well. Your corporate partners can also maximize their impact on your cause by matching employee contributions, and CivChoice makes this simple for both them and you.

CivChoice charges no enrollment or subscription fees, and requires no contracts. Nonprofits can redeem funds from their CivChoice accounts through an electronic funds transfer at an administrative rate of 6.9%. If CivChoice mails a physical check to a nonprofit, there will be an additional $5.00 processing fee.

How to get started:

Claiming your nonprofit’s existing profile is the first step to using CivChoice. Then contact us for help with adding a donation button to your website and assistance in approaching your corporate partners about workplace giving. We can provide all of the marketing materials and personal assistance you need to start a program. CivChoice can help grow your relationships and provide opportunities for partners to show their own customers the good they are doing in your community.


"This partnership [with CivChoice] will increase our efficiency in managing the Fund for the Arts campaign, which will allow LexArts staff the opportunity to further engage with our community in our quest to build on the economic and cultural vibrancy that the arts bring to Lexington." -Jim Clark, LexArts President & CEO"

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