The Foster Care Council of LexKy

Lexington, Kentucky


Our mission is to enrich the lives of children who are removed from their homes due to abandonment, serious neglect or abuse by providing them with the funds, support and opportunities that the state’s foster care system cannot provide. Children who enter the foster care system have suffered some sort of abuse, self-image and self-esteem problems; they feel sad, angry, abandoned, frightened and isolated from their family and friends. They find themselves in situations that would strain even the most well-adjusted adults. Our goal, like our mission, is to fulfill as many requests as possible for children that enter into the foster care system in Fayette County regardless of whether they reside in a foster home, with a relative, non-relative, shelter or residential facility. We give these children a chance to become successful and strong adults. For many children it will be their first chance to be truly cared for and loved. The FCC has established three major programs in an effort to accomplish our mission. Our main program, The Education Advancement program focuses on providing productive learning and life preparation skills. The FCC believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse in families. This program will provide one-on-one tutoring for three hours per week. This was developed to address the individual academic needs of children in the foster care system. These children find themselves falling behind in school. These academic delays are a result of frequent placement changes, switching schools often, turmoil and stress. The Education Advancement program individualized tutoring program is setting the stage for a more successful education experience by using highly trained tutors working one-on-one with the student. In order to track the progress and assess specific needs, students are pre and post-tested. A pre-test will be conducted to assess the child’s strengths and weaknesses. A post-test will be administered after 6 months of tutoring to determine their progression. Our 2nd program, The Enrichment/Clothing program, was formed to focus on providing productive learning activities and basic necessities. The FCC works with the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, Juvenile Services and local emergency shelters, which provide direct oversight of the children, to determine imminent needs of these children. The FCC will match, supplement and purchase items that the children would otherwise live without. In addition to the basic necessities, the program provides the funding for learning and recreational opportunities; activities such as sports and music lessons. These may not seem like a necessity to us, however, it is our belief that children in the dependency system deserve more than food and shelter alone. These at-risk children have experienced loss and psychological injury that often leaves deeper scars than the identified abuse. Although provisions of food and shelter are the first step, it is through additional learning opportunities and experiences that children are able to find the strength to heal and grow.
Our 3rd program provides funding for Summer Camp. This program simply sponsors the fees associated with summer camps. Most of these children have come from impoverished homes, never having the opportunity to attend any summer activities. This affords the opportunity for a child to get the experience of “camp”.


Lexington, Kentucky 40509 United States