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Lexington, Kentucky


The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) at Bryan Station High school is committed to preparing students for the rigorous academic and work demands of post-secondary institutions and the workplace by:

  • addressing 21st century skills, and providing a work-based learning program.
  • having a well-rounded technology and core content curriculum.
  • providing graduating students with an edge in today’s competitive global economy by making connections with industry businesses in the community.

As a member of the National Academy Foundation (, the program is structured to ensure all students will benefit from a small learning community approach in which teachers are teamed in order to best address the needs of the individual student. This four-year program will provide students with elective courses focused on the skills needed in information technology careers as well as embedding technology and other work-place skills in the core content areas.

Students will study topics such as web design, digital video & media, programming, graphic design, database and computer systems. Along with focused coursework, students will also have opportunities to participate in a paid internship between their junior and senior years, as well as participate in field trips, guest speakers, job shadowing, mentoring, community projects, and more.

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