BeLoved is an organization dedicated to care for people affected by the sex industry.

That could be someone who is currently or formerly in the sex industry or someone who needs support for a pornography addiction and everywhere in between.

BeLoved does extensive connecting into the sex industry and people affected by it. From BeLoved teams going into Strip Clubs to heading into Porn Conventions with our friends at XXXchurch. When we go to the clubs, we give gifts with our contact info in them to the ladies to let them know they are loved no matter what and that we are here to support them no matter what. Our goal is to be there for people no matter where they are in their life or spiritual journey.

We also have online support groups for ladies in the industry and online sex addiction support groups for women.

BeLoved is a front line non-profit that deals with every area under the umbrella of Commercial Sex Exploitation (CSE for short)

BeLoved provides awareness, emergency services and care for the Commercially Sexually Exploited. This includes strip clubs, pornography, prostitution & sex trafficking in Miami, Costa Rica and Lexington KY and soon we are launching branches in the Bahamas and Mexico. BeLoved is dedicated to finding long term solutions for men and women.


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