Workplace Giving Employee Agreement

Legal agreement for creating a Workplace Giving Account.

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving involves employee payroll deductions. You, the employee, may register for a Workplace Giving Account on CivChoice, specifying how much money you want deducted from your paycheck each pay period. Your employer will fund their CivGiving Account and disperse funds from it to your CivGiving Account each pay period.

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to regularly donate to charities or nonprofit organizations.


CivChoice profiles

A profile on CivChoice is a way of separating your identity and activity on the site. Each profile is associated with a CivGiving Account. You might have a personal profile that you use to donate to charities you like, and which you fund via your personal credit card. You might have a second profile named after a nonprofit organization you manage. Both your personal profile and your nonprofit profile can be associated with the same login information, so you log into CivChoice once and can choose whether you want to see data for your personal profile or your nonprofit profile. While using a particular profile, you will only see transactions in your CivGiving Account relevant to that profile.

CivGiving Account

Your CivGiving Account is where your funds live on CivChoice. Any time you donate to a charity on CivChoice or create a CivGift, money is pulled from your CivGiving Account. As an employee who signs up for a Workplace Giving Account, when your employer runs payroll processing, the deduction from your paycheck will appear in your CivGiving Account.

Your Workplace Giving Account itself holds no money. All of your funds can be found in your CivGiving Account. You will automatically have a CivGiving Account just by signing up as a user of CivChoice. You are not required to have a Workplace Giving Account in order to have or use your CivGiving Account.

Each profile you create on CivChoice has its own CivGiving Account. This allows you to better track how you donate and receive funds on CivChoice. For example, if you have a personal profile with a Workplace Giving Account, all funding from your paycheck will appear in your personal profile's CivGiving Account.

Workplace Giving Accounts on CivChoice

A Workplace Giving Account on CivChoice refers, in general, to your employee Workplace Giving Account, as well as to the associated company Workplace Giving Account. A company Workplace Giving Account allows your employer to manage employee Workplace Giving Accounts on CivChoice, as well as upload a Payroll Deduction File to CivChoice that causes funds to be dispersed to employees.

An employee Workplace Giving Account allows you to specify an amount you wish to contribute from your paycheck each pay period to your CivGiving Account. Each employee Workplace Giving Account is associated with one company Workplace Giving Account.

You may have multiple employee and company Workplace Giving Accounts on CivChoice. Only one employee Workplace Giving Account is allowed per profile per employer. Your CivGiving Account is tied to your profile. So you may have multiple employee Workplace Giving Accounts tied to one CivGiving Account as long as each employee Workplace Giving Account is tied to a different employer. This is useful if you have multiple employers that participate in workplace giving on CivChoice.

Only one company Workplace Giving Account is allowed per profile. You are free to create multiple profiles on CivChoice, all tied to one login. If you manage multiple businesses, you can have a separate company Workplace Giving Account on CivChoice for each business by using separate CivChoice profiles.

You may have both a company Workplace Giving Account and an employee Workplace Giving Account associated with a single profile on CivChoice. This is useful if you both manage workplace giving for your company and participate in it yourself.

Collected information

CivChoice will share your name, email address, and the amount you want to contribute from your paycheck with your employer when you sign up for an employee Workplace Giving Account. In turn, you will be able to see your employer's name, employer identification number (EIN), email address, and phone number.

Account status

You will not receive any funds in your CivGiving Account as a result of your Workplace Giving Account until your account has been approved. Your employer can approve your account. If you used an invitation code to register for a Workplace Giving Account, your account will be approved automatically. An invitation code is sent to you when an employer sends an invitation email via CivChoice.

Your Workplace Giving Account can be disabled or placed on hold at any time by your employer. You will not receive funds in your CivGiving Account when your Workplace Giving Account is disabled or placed on hold. Accounts on hold can be re-enabled at a later time. Disabled accounts cannot be re-enabled; instead a new account must be created and approved to replace a disabled account.

Employees can disable their own Workplace Giving Accounts. Employees are also able to change their contribution amount. When an employee disables their employee Workplace Giving Account, or changes their contribution amount, we will notify the employer via the email specified in their company Workplace Giving Account.


It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure their payroll processing system matches what CivChoice knows about the employees. That is, it is not the fault of CirrusMio if an employee disables their employee Workplace Giving Account on CivChoice and the employer still deducts funds from the employee's paycheck. Only enabled employee Workplace Giving Accounts will have any funds transferred when an employer submits the Payroll Deduction File. It is up to the employer to ensure funds are not deducted from an employee's paycheck when the employee has disabled his or her employee Workplace Giving Account on CivChoice.

Likewise, it is up to the employer to deduct the correct amount as specified by the employee from an employee's paycheck and to transfer that amount from the employer's CivGiving Account to the employee's CivGiving Account. CivChoice assists with this process by allowing employees to specify their contribution amount in their employee Workplace Giving Accounts. It is the responsibility of the employer to download a copy of the Payroll Deduction File from CivChoice to have up-to-date information about which employees are participating and how much they want to contribute.

It is the responsibility of the employer to process payroll on CivChoice, either by uploading a Payroll Deduction File or by doing One-Click Payroll Processing. CirrusMio will not make any transfers from the employer's Workplace Giving Account to employee CivGiving Accounts except when the employer processes payroll on CivChoice.


CirrusMio reserves the right to update these terms at any time. If you no longer agree with these terms, you must either disable your Workplace Giving Account on CivChoice, or you may contact us to request that we close your Workplace Giving Account on your behalf.